Tailor made solution

For all our clients we provide suitable and flexible no risk solutions, financial consulting, all services of regular and additional maintenance, pneumatics management, mandatory and kasko insurance, road assistance and replacement vehicles.

Steps toward a solution, in a nutshell:

  1. Current situation analysis and defining client's needs - Fleet Partner, the company specialized for fleet management, offers free consulting to its clients, to enable them the optimization of the cost of their fleets.
  2. Vehicle purchase - After determining client's needs, using our knowledge and experience, we find the most optimal solutions in order to achieve the best possible ratio between price and quality.
  3. Financing - Our fleet management full service solution is available for all types and brands of vehicles, regardless of ownership structure, type or size of the fleet.
  4. Vehicle registration and insurance - Our company fully conducts vehicle registration and insurance processes.
  5. Delivery process - We completely coordinate the process of vehicle delivery, including the preparation of all necessary legal documents and adequate equipment.
  6. Vehicle maintenance - We manage all processes concerning vehicle maintenance, whether if it's the question of regular maintenance or additional repairs, and we also take the risk of additional expenses, the cost of which the client has been introduced in advance.