What we do?

Our company is specialized in delivering fleet management full service solution. We base our business on the experience of our team that brings together accomplished experts in different fields with successful track in launching new and developing existing companies in various industries. Fleet management is the management of company's vehicle fleet. It includes vast range of activities related to buying vehicles, registration, insurance, maintenance, and detailed tracking of vehicle exploitation process. This enables companies to fully outsource fleet management and dedicate their resources to the core business. What does outsourcing of fleet management bring You?

Administrative simplification

If Fleet Partner takes care of Your fleet, we save Your time and reduce administration costs to minimum.

Cost control

Our clients have fixed, predefined expenses of their fleet throughout the entire period of its exploitation.

This will in many ways simplify Your budget planning. All costs for an individual vehicle will be on one bill. All risks of additional expenses regarding vehicle maintenance are on our company (vehicles must be used in ways predefined in the contract).

Additional services

Roadside assistance, VIP services, replacement vehicle if needed, etc. will be provided by our company.

Focus on core business

Our clients will be able to focus their resources on their core business and completely outsource fleet management.